Stem Cell eBook and a Patch Company Example

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Patch Company Compensation and Strategy

Below is additional information not covered in the Binary Compensation Video.

You must make a decision early. When you join you have several options on purchase. First keep in mind that you rank up by purchasing the differences between what you have and what is required for the next level. Therefore if you buy at starter you pay the $25 fee. If you upgrade to Bronze you pay the additional $99. If you were Bronze and step up to Silver you pay the difference of $175 instead of the full $300. What this means is, if you just want to try the products, then buy what you need on an immediate bases only. One exception is if you are in a family and use the patch daily, you and your spouse will use 24 sleeves in a year. It is better to buy the Diamond kit with 19 sleeves at a cost of $1600 instead of 19 months at $2850.

If you are serious and want to treat this as a business then buying at Diamond insures you the BEST bonuses on personal sales for 90 days. This gives you time to catch up in rank while still getting the best commissions on personal sales.

Immediately sign up for Bronze or above. Sponsor one Left and one Right immediately as a Bronze or above. If you cannot get a Bronze Left and Right in the first hour then put in a left and right as affiliates for $25 just to get control of your binary positions. You can always give or sell those positions in the future when you find a leader. You need to be Bronze or above to capture your volume and you need the left and right as Bronze or above or you flush your volume. Make sure you, your left and your right are on autoship at 55BV or 110BV when Manager so you never lose your volume.

The structure is simple. Forget all the details on the compensation. Here is the structure you need to obtain and teach:

  • The leader needs to be a Gold or above.
  • You need ONE Gold Left and ONE Gold Right always active at 110BV monthly
  • You need TWO Silver Left and TWO Silver Right active at 55BV monthly
  • Teach everyone to be a Leader.

The best product purchase is as a Diamond for the rank and extra product. I would suggest you get seventeen Stem Cell sleeves and four Pain sleeves for your Diamond order. If you control the left and right and pay for those positions then purchase a couple Pain sleeves for each order and maybe nineteen sleeves of Stem Cell in your Diamond kit.

The reason you want the Pain patches is to double the number of samples. You get 60 Pain patches in each of the Bronze orders. The Pain patch works instantly and is good for doing samples. You can sell your Stem Cell Patches or offer it as an incentive sample if they buy product.

Set your autoship orders to the Pain Patch sleeves until you use up your Stem Cell Patches. (Of course you can order other patches for your personal use but the Pain and Stem Cell patches are really the only immediate noticeable product for samples.)

One warning on the Diamond Kit. You get 55BV credit for the next two months after order and you need 110BV (the previous month) if you rank to Manager or above.

I would recommend you order the Stem Cell and the Pain sleeve on autoship each month. This will give you the Stem Cell patch for usage and the Pain patch for samples. This will also give you 110BV+ monthly.

If you are in at Diamond then at the end of your three months you should order the six month Stem Cell Maintenance Package 3 for $750 and save $150 on patches while getting your 110BV monthly qualification.

Order and Sample Strategy

Now for the big secret, order extra product you want for samples, first to qualify your left and right personal volumes, then any additional at the BOTTOM of the leg with the least volume. If you do not know the customer, place a new member and drop ship the product back to you.

Build up customers for yourself so you do not need to order product unless you run out. Then, if you control your left and right positions, place enough customers under them to keep them qualified without needing to order more products.

Obviously the Stem Cell Patch is the product to sell and there is evidence it has very fast response. However, you really will cut your costs and have rapid response by talking about the Stem Cell Patch but giving away the Pain Patch as samples for the quick response.

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