Stem Cell eBook and a Patch Company Example

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The below information shows how to specifically use the Stem Cell eBook and a Patch Company to leverage your advertising. This process works the same for ANY program that you belong to if you use the eBook pledges and the commissions from your other company as leverage to get people advertising with our eBook and building an organization in both companies.

WeSharePledges Marketing

Contact ALL medical, chiropractors, sports gyms, nutrition stores and clinics to tell them about Stem Cells and give them your branded eBook copy of Stem Cell Quality Control.

Give away your eBook on Stem Cell Quality Control to celebrities as a gift. Post it on their social media websites so all their viewers will be curious to download your gift.

If you are a member of a health and nutrition company then change the advertising link for the eBook to your company website.

Below are some examples if you are a Patch Company member. Just replace patchcompany with the correct company name. We do not include the company name because we are a generic marketing company and do not advertise specific companys on general company websites.

I would recommend you brand your WeSharePledges Stem Cell eBook with your Patch Company website directly linking to the patch order. Change YOURID to your Patch Company username.

For your eBook change the Website to the above and leave your Extension blank..

Tell someone if they join you in the Patch Company, you will pay for their advertising once they register in both systems. At worst you will pay $30 and get back $20 and have someone in your downline in both companies.

Offer to give someone the Stem and Pain patch as a sample if they join WeSharePledges and pay their $30 advertising. You will get back $20 from WeSharePledges and your patches will cost between $4 and $7.50 depending if you purchases at Diamond or a higher cost.

Tell someone who is serious that if they join WeSharePledges at $330 you will pay for them as a Bronze when they join the Patch Company. You will receive $220 from WeSharePledges and $15 from the Patch Company with your cost only $150.

Tell someone if they join as a Gold in the Patch Company and pay for their advertising in WeSharePledges, you will upgrade them to Phase2 ($300) in WeSharePledges. You will get back $220 from WeSharePledges and $100 plus binary volume in the Patch Company. You also have a serious distributor in both programs.

Patch Company Compensation and Strategy

Contact your upline for the correct link to the Stem Cell Company Marketing.

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